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It’s Our New Reality

Remote Workforce

The notion of a near 99% Remote Workforce was something that many people predicted would start around in 2024 or 2025.  But given with has happened to the world with COVID19, this has now become a totally reality, in just a matter of a two-month timespan.  But because of the haste in which employees were dispersed, there have been many Cybersecurity issues.  Some of the more notable ones have been Zoombombing, the heisting of domains, the inability of IT Security teams across Corporate America to deploy software/firmware upgrades and patches, the intermingling of home networks with the corporate network, you name it. 

But as COVID19 goes on, there are newer threat variants that are coming up, which have been completely unexpected, and as the Remote Workforce trend is expected to stay like this for quite some time to come, who knows what will happen.

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Stay tuned for other exciting content on:

  • The Security Vulnerabilities of VPNs & How to Overcome Them


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